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Get some 3D in Flash ?
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We saw in a previous tutorial how to animate a gears wheel like the ones of the Gears Pack .
Now it's time to go in the third dimension !

Flash doesn't propose any 3D tools in his actual version. Actually, you can enhance your graphics
with a usually unknown ability of Flash : the Distributed Duplication.
(Strange name, but powerful function)

Rollover me !

This tutorial is not restricted to gear wheels, of course. You can test it with another object,
a logo or whatever you did in Flash.

Something really powerful is that you can use an animated object. We are then going to try it with an animated version of the gear, like the one used in the previous tutorial.

Prepare the object


Before making an extrusion to the wheel, let's give it an isometric perspective.

Put your object on the stage, and select the Free Transform Tool

Deform the wheel (horizontally)

...and rotate it about 45 degrees counter clockwise.

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